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About Tong Ren Tang

Beijing Tong Ren Tang is a Chinese pharmaceutical company founded in 1669, which is the first Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic with inhouse Herbal medicine pharmacy in Dubai. The company headquarters are in Beijing and is engaged in both manufacture and retail sales, operating drug stores predominantly in Chinese-speaking regions.

Tong Ren Tang Case Study

Offcial Tong Ren Tang, photograph by TRTGulf.

Seeking an All-in-One Platform to Align Marketing and Sales

Before Iconic Digital, Beijing Tong Ren Tang was using numerous different tools for its marketing and sales activities. For example, it was using a separate Sales CRM, email marketing software, analytics software and more. 


Beijing Tong Ren Tang’s Head of Marketing, Pengfei Wei says, “Our biggest struggle was to connect our sales and marketing pipelines. It was difficult to get a complete overview of what was happening with our campaigns on different channels. Let alone what was happening with our leads.”


Beijing Tong Ren Tang’s Manager Director, Joyce says that she had to wrestle with a dozen different tools for marketing alone. She says, “I was using one tool for sending emails, another for checking how the website was performing, and so on. The large number of tools that BTRT used delayed its ability to set up campaigns and resulted in a more complicated marketing process. Tracking campaign performance was also a lengthy task as it involved using numerous analytical tools to gather data in one large excel file.”


Beijing Tong Ren Tang needed a new platform that could scale up with them and would help the company achieve its ambitious growth goals: 

  1. To align its sales and marketing funnels and to be able to see each leads’ full contact history, source, status and qualification and;
  2. To increase the number of qualified leads the company generated by leveraging automation tools to optimise the process and nurture leads further into the funnel.


Pengfei Wei says, “Beijing Tong Ren Tang was always aware that Iconic Digital was a strong market player. When we started to look for a solution that could combine sales and marketing – considering our size and expected growth needs – there was no other Agency that would fit as well as Iconic Digital did.”

A Cohesive, Measurable Lead Generation Machine

It wasn’t long before Beijing Tong Ren Tang was up and running with Iconic Digital. Joyce says, “We had an amazing implementation specialist leading the processes. Ehsan knew the product inside out, answered our technical questions and helped us build our growth engine” 

Beijing Tong Ren Tang transformed its entire lead generation process with Iconic Digital’s Marketing solution. Pengfei wei says, “Iconic Digital has enabled us to bridge the gap between sales and marketing to be able to work together as one team towards one goal.”

For example, Beijing Tong Ren Tang’s marketing team created landing pages on its website to increase the number of leads it converted, set up automated emails to nurture leads, and created workflows to automate each leads’ status while creating automated tasks for the sales teams to follow up. They also set up lead scoring to help them identify “hot” leads and automatically send them to sales. 

Armed with Iconic Digital’s reporting capabilities, now the marketing and sales teams can see the company’s entire pipeline performance at a glance, which empowers them to identify which areas to tweak and improve. Joyce says, “We’re now able to see the source where leads come from, when they convert to an opportunity and when they change towards a sale down the road.” Pengfei Wei adds, “This transparency benefits the entire company.” 

As Beijing Tong Ren Tang scales and grows, the company continues to discover and derive new value from Iconic Digital’s CRM Solution. Marc says, “One of the coolest features we’re starting to use is the topic of marketing automation. We’re currently building a content strategy, and this is helping us create a framework to base it on.”

Generating More Leads and Unlocking New Growth Opportunities

Beijing Tong Ren Tang’s lead generation grew approx. 300% after 4 months and Iconic Digital utilized crucial solutions to align sales and marketing helping to manage the incoming leads.

Peng fei says, “I would definitely recommend Iconic Digital. I’ve worked with other market-leading companies in the past, and I know those platforms are bigger and highly customizable (on certain levels), But for many situations, they offer a cannon to swat a fly.” In contrast, he finds Iconic Digital’s solutions are well documented, simple, easy to use and adapt. 

Beijing Tong Ren Tang has big goals for the future. The company plans to help as many Patients as possible. Pengfei wei says, “We plan to continue growing at our current pace and even faster. Iconic Digital will support our growth by providing a robust, yet scalable platform to further structure and increase our marketing, sales and customer support activities.” 

To support that growth, the company plans to maximise Iconic Digital’s full capabilities. Pengfei says, “We’re spending more and more time with marketing automation, lead scoring, campaigns, social channel integrations, content clusters, and reporting capabilities, and we see a lot of opportunities. These features are becoming key to our global marketing activities for this year and beyond.”

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